“The Proper Use of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes” Butcherman

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Buchaman explains that the parliament needs to talk to the stakeholders in that business before coming out to make decisions that restrict the use of herbs like ganja.

He goes on to note that lawmakers should know that there are associations of cultivators that need to be consulted before anything is put into law barring the use of ganja.

He adds that ganja is not a drug as he drew a thin line differentiating between drugs and herbs, maintaining that ganja is only a herb.

Ganja should become a cash crop in Uganda. The parliament needs to talk to stakeholders before making decisions restricting these herbs. We even have associations of peddlers and cultivators that they can consult.


This is not the first time that Buchaman has gone vocal about turning cannabis into a cash crop.

He also urged the government to support the planting of weed stating that it would become a source of income for many Ugandans as it is also important in manufacturing some kinds of medicine for treatment.

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