I was paid to kiss Feffe Bussi in new video – Karole Kasita

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Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi have yet again denied being in a relationship despite kissing in a music video that was released on Tuesday.

While appearing on Galaxy TV, both artists yet again denied the allegations. Feffe Bussi, however, expressed how deep their friendship is.

In the visuals of his new song ‘Key’, Feffe Bussi who has for long been rumored to be dating Karole Kasita shares a passionate kiss with her.

The kiss has been defined by netizens as a definitive sign that the two artists are dating, putting to bed their continued denial of being romantically involved.

“It’s deep. Do you see how a swimming pool has shallow and deep waters? Ours is deep waters. We understand and respect each other so much and we believe in one another,” Feffe Bussi said.

He went ahead to note that the kiss they shared in the visuals shouldn’t be blown out of perspective as it happens in many other music videos, especially done by foreign artists.

These are very common things, these are things we have grown up watching on Channel 5 and in many foreign videos but I think Ugandans are a bit backward. There are things we give so much attention yet they should be very normal

Feffe Bussi

Karole Kasita also added, “Don’t forget that we are artists, we are actors and actresses. You just do what your role is. If you’re gonna come to a video shoot and you’re supposed to kiss somebody, you kiss that person. We just do our jobs. I was on the job and was paid by the FBM management to do that.”

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