Anne Rwigara is dead ( Rwandan opposition candidate)

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Anne Rwigara — the sister of Diane Rwigara who tried to contest the Rwandan presidency seat with Paul Kagame — has passed away. Some have described her death as mysterious.

At 41yrs she has been living in the United States, Anne Rwigara was the daughter of the late Assinapol Rwigara, a well-known businessman in Rwanda.

She died suddenly on Thursday.

Her cause of death remains unknown.

The media cited Anne’s mother as claiming that since her daughter wasn’t ill, her death was a “mystery.”

It is known that before she passed away a few days later, Anne complained of gastrointestinal issues.

Due to accusations of tax evasion and election misconduct, Anne and her mother Adeline Rwigara were imprisoned in Rwanda for a full year.

Diane Rwigara, Anne’s sister, declared in May 2017 that she will challenge President Kagame in the presidential race.

Later, the National Electoral Commission would declare that Diane’s hundreds of signatures supporting her candidatures were falsified, preventing her from running in the election.

The Rwigara family was then informed by the Rwanda Revenue Authority that they were in arrears for $6.7 million in unpaid taxes.

The authorities thus shut down the family company and blocked their bank accounts.

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