Bajjo Apologizes to Pallaso, Challenges Alien Skin to Win Shs5m Dare at Kiseka Market

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Bajjo says Alien has lost so much favor and is no longer a people’s favorite due to his public display of arrogance and too much pride.

The promoter also says that Alien’s career is steadily falling following his attack on Bobi Wine. During an interview with Spark TV, Bajjo also revealed that Alien has never loved Bobi Wine.

“Alien Skin has never loved the Bobi Wine project. If I’m lying, God strikes me dead right here in front of these cameras,” Bajjo said.

“Let him make another tour around the Kiseka market and see. I have Shs5m in cash if he passes through the Kiseka market, let me even write the cheque right now,” Bajjo added.

Bajjo further noted that Alien Skin is now at the mercy of Champion Ogudo because he is still a little child who can still gain the sympathy of the public.

Bajjo also apologized to Pallaso whom he asked to have mercy on them as promoters for promoting Alien Skin in June.

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