Lydia Jazmine’s failed working plan with Theron Music and Bushington

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Over the years, Lydia Jazmine has been struggling with management teams despite being a talented singer who works hard to lift her craft.

Following the talks that they held, the two parties agreed to disagree on the terms and conditions that were stipulated in the contract.

Eventually, Lydia Jazmine decided to remain a solo artist despite being in the hunt for a serious managerial team or record label that could help her in her music career. When Theron Music duo Kataleya and Kandle held their EP “Call It Love” listeners’ party, reports circulated claiming Lydia Jazmine was in talks with the record label bosses to get signed under the company.

The biggest challenge she has so far faced in the music industry is that most of the managers in the business lack professionalism and she accuses them of mixing pleasure with business.

The “Olindaki” singer notes that if the managers were to be professional enough, female artists would be very far and would not struggle a lot as they do currently.

She also revealed that her working reunion with George Kagoda alias Bushingtone failed due to the terms and conditions that she didn’t find beneficial on her side.

During the interview, she also hinted at how she is planning to do a remix of ‘Nabawanuka’ song with Fred Ssebatta featuring Harriet Ssanyu.

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