I am unbeatable in any music battle against Ugandan artists – Daddy Andre claims

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Daddy Andre reasons that most Ugandan artists don’t know what a battle is as they only know how to yell and claim to be stars yet they lack knowledge of so many things.

He notes that if he is to go into a battle with anyone, he would make sure that the lighting, sound, and red carpet plus so many other important things of the stage are in check and up to the quality that best suits his singing abilities.

He says that during the battle, he would sing all the music genres from Ragga, R&B, and Hip-Hop to prove his doubters wrong and for that matter, he always aims at sounding much better than he does while in the studio.

As a person who is going into a music battle, I talk about the light, carpet, and let it be the ragga or Hip-Hop and R&B take it all, that is what I call a battle. These artists are called recording artists. So they can’t battle me. If they’re coming for a battle, they can’t.

What I am talking about for those who know battles know. If I dare to go into one, I always want to sing even more than I do in the studio because some people claim that I use computer voice/autotune. Those are the doubts artists have to come and take out from their critics.

Daddy Andre

Daddy Andre weighed in on the music battle as he addressed the upcoming Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu battle that is going to happen this Friday at Kololo Airstrip.

This is going to be the first-ever female music to take place in the Ugandan music showbiz.

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