King saha asked bobi wine how he did it

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Formerly a Leone Island affiliate, Mansur Ssemanda a.k.a King Saha once had a chat with the then Firebase Crew president Bobi Wine on life.

Among the several things they talked about, King Saha wanted to know how Bobi Wine had made it financially and built his mansion in Magere.

Saha at the time was bothered by the distance of Bobi Wine’s Magere home from the city.

King Saha’s Mansion

Bobi Wine encouraged King Saha to find money and build wherever he wanted but told him that he had to be a rich man first because the distance wouldn’t then be a big deal.

“I asked him about the distance from the city and he told me to go where I want. He told me that above everything I should look for money because a rich man cannot fall. I understood his point with caution,” King Saha said during a TikTok live conversation.

It is from that advice that King Saha decided to give music a little break and focus on the construction of the mansion in Nakawuka where he currently lives.

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