Britain got talent’s Simon appreciates Triplets Ghetto kids 2023

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Britain’s Got Talent competition returned for the 2023 edition on Saturday 15th April 2023. Among the several entertainers auditioning were the famous Ugandan dance group the Triplets Ghetto Kids.

The Ghetto Kids, formed of 30 kids who live in an orphanage in Uganda, put up a spirited performance which left all the judges in total admiration.

Italian choreographer, ballroom and Latin dancer, and Television personality, Bruno Tonioli hit the Golden Buzzer to give the Ghetto Kids a standing ovation at their very first audition at the competition.

Tonioli who says their performance made him “feel like exploding” went for the golden button midway through the set, leaving the Ghetto Kids to dance amongst the golden confetti.

“I was literally exploding. You should be proud of yourselves, I can’t wait to see you back,” Tonioli said and also went backstage to see the kids before pointing out that they “should be in Hollywood.”

The famous Simon Cowell was as well pleased with the Ghetto Kids’ performance and the fact that Tonioli had hit the Golden Buzzer that early on in their showcase.

“That’s never actually happened. Normally the Golden Buzzer is pressed afterwards. He gave you the Golden Buzzer and you performed in the confetti, it was wonderful,” Simon Cowell told the visibly excited Ghetto Kids.

Another judge, Amanda Holden, dubbed the performance as “an audition to remember” and labelled the Ghetto Kids “absolute superstars.”

“We are honoured you have come on Britain’s Got Talent,” she added. Well, congratulations to the Ghetto Kids. Keep waving the flag!

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