Kenya reinstates fuel subsidy after months of violent protests.

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President Ruto removed fuel and maize flour subsidies in September and increased taxes this year.

William RutoKenya has reinstated a small subsidy to stabilise retail fuel prices for the next 30 days, the energy regulator says, in a reversal of government policy after public anger over the high cost of living.

After taking office in September, President William Ruto removed fuel and maize flour subsidies put in place by his predecessor, saying he preferred subsidising production rather than consumption.

But the subsidy cuts as well as recent tax hikes have increased living costs and contributed to violent anti-government protests in recent months.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) said late on Monday that the maximum retail price of a litre (0.26gal) of petrol would remain constant at 194.68 shillings ($1.35), shielding consumers from an increase of 7.33 shillings ($0.05), which the government will shoulder through a price stabilisation fund.

Retail fuel prices are set in the middle of each month. The government also applied small subsidies on kerosene and diesel, EPRA said.

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