Burna Boy talks about the inspiration behind his new album ‘I Told Them’.

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In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Burna Boy talked about the inspiration behind his new album while also paying tribute to the late creative designer Virgil Abloh and rapper Sidhu.

Ahead of the release of his seventh album, Burna Boy shared insight into his journey, finding success on his own terms, his view of Afrobeats, and collaborating with J Cole and RZA of Wutang Clan.

It kind of showed me exactly the way I wanted to express what I was feeling and what my unit was feeling. The spirit of my unit. Just put that in because this is every day. This is a side that people don’t really get to see because I don’t really care for anyone to see. I have fun with it like this. But I felt like this time, this is a way… How do I put it?

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