UNMF leaders blamed for creating fake associations, Daddy Andre explains why he quit.

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Daddy Andre opened up about his departure from UNMF after being asked to reveal the side that he represents between the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and UNMF.

He calmly replied by stressing that he represents UMA despite having been a member of the Eddy Kenzo-led Federation for some period of time.

When asked why he chose to quit the Mutundwe-based musicians federation, Daddy Andre hinted at how the members of the federation failed to distinguish between the works of the federation from the artists themselves.

He added that the other mistake that was made by the federation leaders was calling all the associations to have a meeting and when they failed to agree to a common goal, they instead decided to disband the known associations.

Not only did they stop at that, they went ahead to create fake associations something that didn’t sit quite well with him.

Daddy Andre is not the first established musician who has announced their official departure from the UNMF as we have seen a couple of respected artists denounce the federation.

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