Singer and actress Evelyn Lagu died

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The songstress has been doing dialysis ever since she returned from Turkey. Evelyne Love always had to go through a dialysis process twice a week.

It is reported that she passed away upon arrival at home after taking dialysis. She reportedly took one last long hard breath and died instantly.

At her passing, Evelyn Love has been promoting her charity concert dubbed “Evelyn Love Charity concert” which was meant to take place at Papaz Spot in Makindye on 28 October 2023.

The singer was pronounced dead early on the morning of Monday 18th September 2023 and the devastating news was confirmed by her son and via her social media accounts.

Evelyne Love was in the past few years flown to Turkey to conduct a kidney transplant, however, medical experts stopped her from the procedure reasoning that her health status was not suitable for it.

She was hence advised to continue taking dialysis as they reasoned that a transplant could lead to her earlier death than expected.

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