Sheebah Karungi – The first female artiste to launch record label in Uganda

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This milestone achievement also includes the introduction of the Karma Hitmaker talent search, which aims to discover and uplift emerging talents in the industry. By establishing her music record label, she becomes the first female artiste in Uganda to do so.

Expressing her excitement, Karungi said, “It’s finally time for me to mentor my own artists! I’m proud to announce that your Queen now owns a music label.”

Karungi plans to use her newly-launched label and talent search to nurture the next generation of music superstars.

Her dedication to helping others achieve their dreams is well-known, as she has been an outspoken advocate for women’s empowerment and has provided support to several young musicians throughout her career.

In 2021, Karungi left Team No Sleep (TNS), a record label owned by businessman and artistes manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

Rumors suggested that her departure was due to Kiwanuka’s lack of time and attention as a manager following his involvement in the real estate business.

Notably, owning a record label can offer numerous benefits for artistes.

It grants them more control over their music and creative direction, as well as the potential for greater financial rewards.

Additionally, owning a record label provides artists with the opportunity to sign and promote other talents, which can result in the development of a stronger network and community within the industry.

Nevertheless, owning a record label entails additional responsibilities and expenses, such as financial management, distribution, and marketing.

Ultimately, the success of running a label depends on an artiste’s goals and abilities in fulling he or her aspirations in the entertainment.

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