Laura Atyang a Ugandan Afro-soul artist joins Maestro Studios

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Laura Atyang, one of the few Ugandan Afro-soul artists that stand out, has signed a new management contract with Maestro Studios to give her brand a fresh direction.

Alternative musicians hardly thrive in Uganda’s music space and just a few artists find their way close to glory majorly because of the nature of the pre-existing fanbase.

Laura Atyang, however, has always stuck her guns to the genre and her work lives to see the light of day when Afro-soul will be appreciated more.

She primarily sings in Itesot, English, and Luganda with a passion and understanding that can only come from experience and appreciation of local and modern instruments that includes the famous Akogo.

Her music consists of wonderful melodies, musicianship, and lyrics with real meaning and substance. Previously, Atyang has forged a life with cover bands, performing at festivals and a few gigs. Now, however, she is ready to take the big step forward.

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