Chai we Njaaye omumanyi? Soma ku muyimbi Planet ayakuyimbila akayimba “Chai We Njaaye”

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Ugandan singer Omutume Planet, real name Muzafalu Iparokit, has had a firm grip on the airwaves in recent weeks with his song ‘Chai Wenjaye’.

Today, the song on TikTok has registered over 58.3k posts and the official video which was released on YouTube on 16th February has over 128k views.

For a maiden project, these are big numbers for Omutume Planet and he is thankful to God, fellow artists like Liam Voice, and fans who have made it a big deal. We caught up with the trending star to know more about him, what drives him, the inspiration behind the song, and so much more.

My real name is Muzafalu Iparokit.

When and where were you born?

I was born in Busoga, in Mayuge district in a village called Magamaga.

Tell us about your family background

My father is Ali Adwari and my mother is called Zabia Nabirye. I was born and raised in Magamaga, Mayuge district.

Why did you name yourself Omutume Planet?

I call myself Planet because I used to love SciFi movies.

How and when did your journey in music start?

I started my musical journey in 2019.

Why did you choose to do music?

I chose to do music because it has always been my dream. I love it.

How did ‘Chai Wenjaye’ come about? What is the inspiration behind it?

I came up with Chai Wenjaye first because I am a storyteller. What came into my mind was to make a realistic comic story about things that occur during burial ceremonies.

When and where was ‘Chai Wenjaye’ recorded and who produced it?

This song was recorded in Jinja at Ark Records. It was produced by Dropper Beats.

What do you think made the song popular?

What message do you intend to pass on through this song?

The message in the song has been misunderstood I think. I was not supporting drug use. Actually, I wanted to show the effects of drugs.

We hear Kasuku’s voice in the song. Did you approach him when doing the song?

The truth is, when I landed on that Kasuku bite, it made me so happy. It was trending on TikTok and when I was recording, it felt like it would perfectly fit in the story I was trying to tell.

Honestly, I did not approach him but I picked an interest in it off TikTok and used it.

How important has social media/TikTok been in your career so far?

Social media, and TikTok in particular, has drawn the world’s ears closer to me.

Have you registered any achievements thus far?

So far, even the fact that I am having an interview with is an achievement in itself. I don’t take it for granted. I have also gotten several connections with people who will be important in my career. All these are things I was never anticipating in my life.

Who inspires you the most?

I am heavily inspired by Gravity Omutujju.

Which Ugandan artist do you dream of collaborating with?

At the moment, anyone who approaches me and is willing to work with me on good terms, we can make it. Why not?

Which Ugandan female artist do you have a big crush on?

(Luaghs)… Lydia Jazmine.

What last words would you like to tell your fans?

I humbly ask them to keep on supporting me like they have done to elevate me from zero up to where I am. Their continued support is all I ask for. We can push our thing and even win a Grammy for our original style of music.

Thank you, and we wish you the very best in your promising career.

Thank you so much.

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