Labisa: Brand new Tune From The Ghetto

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Five years outta di industry, you donno di vibe still alive,” is how Bobi Wine starts off his new project ‘Labisa’ and if this is to go by, Bobi Wine the musician is back – and we love it!

Well, after five years of a few songs here and there, Bobi Wine has now dropped two music projects in a space of one month. His fans are in dreamland all over again.

On ‘Labisa’, the Ghetto Gladiator features his right-hand man Nubian Li, veteran Dancehall singer Sizzaman, and budding artists Zex Bilangilangi and Feffe Bussi.

The Firbease crew boss makes his intent known from the introduction of the 4:20 minutes track produced by Sir. Dan Magic.

He describes the song as “a conversation about the social injustices and the two-faced hypocrites that we have in society.”

“Labisa” is a ghetto jargon translated to mean “Expose.” It is a hard-hitting track that calls out the toxic influences that can be found in society.

“Labisa exposes the deceit and dishonesty of hypocrites, fake friends, bad minds, and sellouts. This song is a message of empowerment for those who have been affected by these negative influences, urging listeners to stand up for themselves and refuse to be taken advantage of any longer,” Bobi Wine notes.

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