Kenzo olimba tonyambangako. – Producer Didi

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The month of April had Producer Didi Muchwa making news headlines following the needy situation that he found himself in as he struggled to make ends meet.

A couple of renowned artists who he worked with were called upon to run to his rescue so that he doesn’t live life miserably.

Prominent artists including Eddy Kenzo, King Saha, Coco Finger, and many others were tasked with the obligation of trying to revive the producer’s career back by setting him up a studio since he got his machines confiscated when the police arrested him.

During that period, King Saha pledged to look for him and promised to extend support toward him, something we believe he might have executed well.

When Big Talent Entertainment boss Eddy Kenzo was asked about giving Producer Didi a hand, he responded by claiming that the producer needs collective effort as he stressed that he had tried on his own but realized that it wouldn’t be enough.

Producer Didi, however, has poured cold water on Kenzo’s statements. The producer says that the singer has never supported him in any way.

He explains that Eddy Kenzo has never given him any money but rather always directs him to his manager whenever he tries reaching out to him.

Producer Didi furthermore notes that the only people who helped him during the time he battled with illness were Gift Kaddo who provided him with meals on his sick bed, and King Saha who sent him Ugx 300,000.

Didi noted that he is aware that Eddy Kenzo doesn’t like him and he is okay with it but he should stop lying to the public about how he has been helping him financially.

Take a gaze at the full video as Didi explains his journey with Eddy Kenzo the newly elected Uganda Musicians National Federation president.

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