Is Bebe Cool begging? – Leone Island and Gagamel are stuck because we lack funds

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Bebe Cool made the plea following Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, requesting any willing promoter to organize a music battle between Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

In his Tweet, Hon. Thomas Tayebwa disclosed that the Government is willing to finance the battle in order for it to go down.

Following Hon. Thomas Tayebwa’s request, Bebe Cool was quick to respond to it as he took the opportunity to request the government to inject money into his music camp, Gagamel, and Jose Chameleone’s camp, Leone Island.

He explained that as artists they have failed to support young talents because they have for long lacked funds to finance and meet their own personal needs as well as those of rising artists.

He noted that a budding artist requires around 200m to push his music something he says as an individual he can’t meet all that.

Bebe Cool then called upon the government to support the industry similar to the way the Nigerian, South African, and Tanzanian governments helped their arts industries.

He adds that the move that Hon. Tayebwa proposed is actually very helpful to the arts sector as the government will realize that art is a full-time job.

Below is Bebe Cool’s full response to Hon. Tayebwa:

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