I know and will expose who hacked and leaked my nudes – Sheilah Gashumba

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Just a few weeks ago, Sheilah Gashumba was the talk of the town after private videos showing her fully naked in a private moment with her boyfriend Rickman were leaked online.

She revealed that her Snapchat account was hacked when her sim card was swapped and her private videos were leaked.

Gashumba notes that the hacker went ahead and unblocked her ex-lover Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan and added him as a friend with the intention of accessing their private videos as well.

Now back in the country, Sheilah Gashumba says that she is gonna expose who hacked her account and she will handle it smoothly.

I’ve always been scared of two things; 1. My private videos leaking. 2. My death and those I love. Since 1 is done, I’m here to tell you that death doesn’t scare me! I’ve already done what I wanted to do since I was born! Good luck.

The hacker: This f*cker even added my ex who I didn’t have on my snap for 2 years to get private videos of me and God’s Plan to mess up. Good thing, God’s Plan didn’t add me back on Snapchat when the hacker unblocked and added him. He would have gone straight to my media with him and saved a lot.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, I want you to know that your own favourite telecommunications can swamp your sim card and your mobile money can be stolen or you could be like me, any social media account leaked to your number could be leaked.

Also calling me or messaging me during the whole saga doesn’t mean you love or care about me. I’m back in Uganda, we are gonna handle this smooth and clear!

One thing you should do is stop reporting me to SNAPCHAT. In the history of Uganda, I’m the only one who lost their Snapchat account twice and got it back.

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