I am the one who wrote the song “Bwe Paba” but i was not paid up to now [Fixon Magna]

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While appearing in an interview on Galaxy FM, Fixon Magna claimed that they created the song from a good vibe while they were chilling at the studio months back.

He then decided to pen down some lyrics and thereafter gave it out to Fik Fameica free of charge not knowing or with little hope that it would become a banger.

With the jam now rocking Kampala airwaves, Fik Fameica has yet to approach Fixone Magna to appreciate him in any kind of way for penning him down a monster hit.Singer and songwriter Fixon Magna has opened up about not receiving any payment and being unacknowledged by rapper Fik Fameica for his contribution to his trending song titled ‘Bwe Paba’.

Fixon Magna, however, feels motivated and uplifted to keep on writing more songs for other artists since this particular one is getting recognized although in the song Fik didn’t give him a mention.

On the other hand, Fixon maintains he is still friends with Fik Fameica and adds that no amount of money that Fik Fameica is going to give him would change his life.

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