Grenade and Rickman fight – Is it Sheilah Gashumba?

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The sunrise of Monday morning was welcomed with a very unfortunate story in the local music industry after two young artists, Rickman and Grenade official got into a fierce fight.

According to reports, Grenade is alleged to have attacked Sheilah’s boyfriend at La Terezza after The Kampala Brunch party.

Sheilah Gashumba, through a video shared on her Snapchat account, reveals that Grenade wanted to hang with them during their outing, and constantly asked to join their table but was turned down.

This seemed to irritate the singer who then allegedly attacked Rickman and threw a glass at Rickman, leaving him with a seriously injured face.

The video shows Rickman lying on a hospital bed at Nakasero Hospital where he was rushed to awaiting medical attention as Sheilah Gashumba looks on and narrates the ordeal.

Rickman who is filled with blood on his face in the video is said to have suffered a cut lip and is receiving medical care.

Disregard the falsehood going around. GRENADE attacked Rickman with a glass and threw it to his face. It seems he had already planned this as soon as we entered.

He kept coming to our table trying for fight RICKMAN’s stylist first and he was stopped then he resorted to throwing a glass which cut Rickman and he run on a boda.

We have looked for him everywhere allin vail and now we are in the hospital getting stitches.

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