Gravity Omutujju is my second Ugandan artist after Jose Chameleone – Gen Kayihura

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In late August 2023, Uganda’s military leadership dropped charges against the former police chief, Gen Kale Kayihura, just a day before his retirement from the army.

Kayihura had been on bail since 2020, two years after he was arrested (2018) and charged with failure to protect materials, failure to supervise police officers, and abetting the kidnap of Rwandan refugees who were forcefully repatriated back home.

The decision to drop charges against Kayihura comes just a month after  President Museveni decided to retire him, very much to the jubilation of his family and friends.

While speaking at a recent public appearance, General Kale Kayihura noted how he will continue celebrating his freedom.

He promised to organize a party for people in his hometown where he would also invite his favorite artists and friends to attend and perform.

The retired General then mentioned Jose Chameleone and Gravity Omutujju among the artists that would be present at the party.

“I will call them and we shall have a whole night of celebrations. I will bring Chameleone and Omutujju, Gravity. We shall make merry, dance, and enjoy fully,” Gen Kayihura said.

Gen Kale Kayihura and Jose Chameleone have been friends for a long time and have done a couple of public outreaches together. Gravity Omutujju is the name that comes as a surprise for many.

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