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The 8th Edition of the Black Star International Film Festival [BSIFF] has been launched under the theme, “Tech in Film: Exploring the Role of Technology in Filmmaking in Africa,” with the aim of focusing on the huge role technology is playing in filmmaking on the continent.

This anticipated edition of BSIFF is scheduled to take place from 18th – 24th September, 2023 in Accra, Ghana.

The Director of the Black Star International Film Festival(BSIFF), Philippa Bentuma Arthur, said that, “the theme reflects the Festival’s commitment to celebrating the advancements in cinema on the Continent and advocating for an industry that continually pushes boundaries.

The CEO of the National Film Authority and Founder of BSIFF, Ms. Juliet Asante added that, “the future is tech and filmmakers need to advance with the times.”

In attendance at the launch was the Ambassador, European Union of Ghana, H.E. Irchad Razaaly, who was a guest speaker at the launch. H.E Razaaly emphasized that the EU will continue to support the filmmaking sector and creative industries in Ghana because, “they value investment in youth and their creativity and thus, want to create more opportunities for young people.”

Highlighting several initiatives undertaken by the EU for the film and creative sector in Ghana, H.E said, “with the EU’s support to BSIFF we want to continue in the same vein in encouraging conversations on film across communities, cultures and languages thus we will be supporting with some workshops and the Awards & Closing Ceremony of the Festival this year.” The EU hinted that they will also provide some European films throughout BSIFF 2023 from September 18th- 24th.


The 8th Edition of the Black Star International Film Festival is supported by the European Union, Mann Robinson Distribution, WiFlix, Indie Rights, Tecno Ghana, Silverbird Cinemas, Spanish Embassy, NAFTI, University of Ghana – School of Performing Arts, Infocus BCW, CompuGhana, the National Film Authority, Black Market Records, Hype.Flix, Ghana Cinema Week, Goethe Institut, GHMovieFreak and Elewa TV.

Highlights of the 8th edition of the Black Star International Film Festival are:

Film Screenings: Attendees will have the opportunity to view a diverse and thought-provoking selection of films from talented filmmakers across the globe. These films will showcase the innovative use of technology in various aspects of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production.

Workshops and an Industry Summit: Industry experts and tech enthusiasts will lead interactive workshops and panel discussions, shedding light on the latest trends and breakthroughs in film technology. Filmmakers and attendees will gain insights into how technology is transforming the filmmaking landscape in Africa.

Black Star Vibes: BSIFF in partnership with Hype.Flix, Afro Cinema Plus and the Ghana Cinema Week will offer fun and engaging film activities at the Black Star Square. Activities at the square include: Drive-in screenings, our Shorts on Shots program, the Blackstar Music Concert [BMC], a film museum, Film Games: A BSIFF E-sports tournament, amongst others.

Awards Gala: The festival will culminate in a grand Awards Gala, recognizing exceptional filmmaking achievements with up to 10 awards up for grasp.

The festival will serve as a hub for filmmakers, producers, distributors, and other industry stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and foster partnerships. This networking environment will encourage the sharing of ideas and the exploration of potential collaborations.

Join BSIFF from 18th to 24th September for a week filled with cinematic excellence, insightful discussions, and unforgettable experiences.



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