Alien Skin responds to A Pass – I need no reminder, iIknow where I came from.

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According to A Pass, Alien Skin has a strong personality and is not easily shaken when he stands by his word. The ‘Oruso’ singer is also impressed by the Fangone Forest CEO’s intellect when responding to questions during interviews.

However,  A Pass noted that some of his behavior, especially when he appears chewing Mairungi in public, might cost him.

A Pass advised Alien to be careful about the act as it can easily be used against him by his competitors and critics and could later lead to his downfall.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, Alien Skin was asked what he thinks about A Pass’ piece of advice and he seemed to concur with most of the things A Pass said.


“I have watched several of the clips from that interview and he did not say anything bad about me,” Alien noted.

He, however, maintained that some of the things he does are just because he is a swaggarific man. He also emphasized that he has never forgotten his roots and he does not need to be reminded of that.

“However, he (A Pass) should know I am just swaggarific. He also does not have to tell me not to forget where I come from. I came from Kansanga and I still remember that very well,” Alien added.


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