A Pass Helped me to become a top influencer says Mickey seems to be funny

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While on an interview, Mikey Seems 2 Funny revealed that he joined TikTok out of boredom as he was searching for how to spend his time.

When he landed on the app, he fell in love with the content that he saw there and decided to put his creativity to use.

A couple of years later, he has turned into a top influencer and is among the very best TikTokers in Uganda.

Mikey Seems 2 Funny says he receives so much attention today but that was not the case in the initial days when he had just joined the app.

He remembers posting a couple of videos that he thought would get good viewership in vain. It was his 7th video that attracted the attention of A Pass.

The singer then began sharing Mikey’s content on his social media platforms and asking people to take notice of his creativity.

Since then, Mikey says he has only had an upward rise and he is grateful for the push the singer and other followers gave him.

People didn’t take me seriously. For the first five videos I posted on the app, not many gave me a chance. It was the 7th video that I posted that was given attention and A Pass started sharing my work on his pages. That really gave me a platform and promoted me. Then different artists began to show interest and here we are now.

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