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Twitter post on which Stonebwoy retaliated

According to Stonebwoy, Shatta is not as clever as he thinks he is but only fan-fooling himself.

Stonebwoy’s statement came in response to a Twitter comment about former Black Queens goalkeeper Memunatu Sulemana’s challenging circumstances.

In the report, the former Black Queens goalkeeper Memunatu Sulemana, who played for Ghana at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, opened up on her unfortunate state following her retirement from football.

According to her, despite her decorated career, she earned very little while playing football, which has led her to her current situation.

A Twitter user named Seyram commented on the situation, saying, “You see this is not music oo but what Shatta wale talk about everyday is relating to this chale we need to be smart enough ooo hmmm.”


Stonebwoy who was obviously not in agreement, responded, “Let me tell you, that smartness he is talking about is fanfooling…If the  government doesn’t pay you, neither is the women football established.”

Shatta Wale, has recently been calling for the reorientation of the music industry business in Ghana.

According to him, the status quo is largely responsible for the stunted growth and lack of investment in the Ghana music industry, thus a total makeover is necessary to revamp and revive the sector.

He was speaking on an X space hosted by news anchor, Serwaa Amihere and co-hosted by Austine Woode on the Ghana Music Industry.

“Are we ready as an industry to find people to be on spaces, radio stations, TV stations, properly with qualifications? People that we know that they’re not coming out of pain to come and talk pain.

“Are we ready to fish out those people? Otherwise, then like I’m saying, we’ll have to look for our young graduates from these schools and start teaching them industry courses,” he said.

He suggested that government sets up an educational institution geared at grooming music and other entertainment executives to champion the cause of industry players and attract the much-needed investment and innovation in the industry.

This, he believes, will turn the industry around for the better.

“Those are the things that we need to do to even tell government that we need a school where we can train people to run our spaces for us. Because Austine, frankly speaking, you see where Serwaa is sitting, she’s qualified to be there, why? Because she has gone to school for it. You see where Kwame Sefa Kayi is sitting, he’s supposed to be there because he has done courses for what he’s doing”.

Shatta Wale’s ideas aim to create a more prosperous future for the Ghanaian music and entertainment landscape.



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