Cindy Sanyu might be pregnant again, Fans speculate after recent performance

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In mid-April, Cinderella Sanyu gave birth to a healthy baby, her second with husband Prynce Okuyo Joel Atiku. The newborn baby boy was her third child as she already had an older daughter.

The couple has since noted that they will surely expand their family further but did not reveal how soon. According to the latest rumors, however, they could be already on the plan.

Ahead of her battle with Sheebah, Cindy performed in Kasese at the Neon Street Rave to crown a successful ‘Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon’ on Saturday.

Along with two queen dancers, the self-styled King Herself gave a spirited performance that left revelers amazed by her energy.

She performed her top songs including Ayokyayokya, Copy Cat, Still Standing, and her collaboration with Vampino Kwekunyakunya, among others.

What seems to have caught netizens’ attention, however, was Cindy’s bulged tummy. As she performed, she wore a tight T-shirt which she seemed to always adjust around the stomach area.

At several points it seemed quite tight forcing netizens to ask the question; “Is she pregnant again?” Others, however, note that she cannot be heavily pregnant already this soon.

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