I wasn’t making enough money from music – says rapper Keko

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Now in her thirties, Keko who was voted the 2011 Most Gifted East African Video award winner in the Channel O Music Video Awards says she has so much more to do in her life and music is still in her plans.

Having returned to Uganda on 20th September 2023, she is currently working on new music projects and welcomes collaborations from whoever would like to work with her.

But why did she leave in the very first place?

While interacting with a local YouTuber, Keko revealed that it reached a point when music was no longer making her enough money to survive.

She applied for Canadian residency and the opportunity was availed to her in 2017 when she decided to travel to try her luck abroad.

“I left for Canada because they gave me residency, they gave me citizenship and I couldn’t turn them down and at the time the music wasn’t really working out well,” Keko said.

“I wasn’t making as much money from it so I was like lemme see what that opportunity presents me, let me take that chance. Many people pray for chances like that and mine just came, I didn’t have to work that hard for it so I decided to go to Canada,” she added.

Upon settling in Ottawa, Canada, Keko joined a film school, studied Film Production, and graduated in 2019 in Toronto.

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