Bobi wine you are a hypocrite, a liar – Says Hon. Muhamed Nsereko

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Hon Muhamed Nsereko was replying to Bobi Wine’s interview in which he lambasted the Kampala Central legislator for appointing himself to solicit funds for Kawempe South MP Muhammad Ssegirinya who is currently indisposed in Holland.

In response, Nsereko called about Bobi Wine for exposing hypocrisy, having received treatment abroad himself.

“He ( Bobi) went to the USA for treatment claiming his testicles had been crashed, he was putting on a heavy boot and said his legs were broken, there is no person with such an issue who would put on heavy boots,” Nsereko said.

“He (Bobi) says that Ssegirinya did not write to seek permission from Parliament or the Leader of Opposition when Bobi Wine went for treatment abroad, whom did he write to? Let him show us a copy of the letter he issued to the Leader of Opposition at that time or to the medical board at parliament,” he added.

Nsereko wondered why Bobi Wine would refer to him as a manipulative and lying politician yet he himself has lied to Ugandans time and time again.

“He said Museveni would leave in one month, it is now three years. He said Museveni would be arrested when he goes abroad, he (Museveni) has travelled everywhere and returned untouched, who then is the liar? Bobi Wine is confusing politics with saving lives,” Nsereko said.

He said he would not require Bobi Wine’s help or Ssegirinya’s party to help.

“I will help or will use my platforms to look for help and I have not asked money from poor Ugandans, people have volunteered and I think that is where Bobi Wine’s envy comes from,” he said.

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