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Azawi, a Swangz Avenue signed artiste has announced her latest album called ‘Sankofa’ to her fans and followers.

The album’s name, ‘Sankofa’, is an indication of its essence evoking the past to forge ahead.

With over 14 meticulously curated tracks, ‘Sankofa’ is anticipated to be a masterpiece and the collaborations on this album are breathtaking with international musicians, composers, and producers lending their artistry to the album’s rich artistry.

Among the highlights are the enticing collaborations that draw together diverse musical talents. Every song has been handpicked to deliver an auditory feast, promising not just notes, but an emotional journey through resonating lyrics and captivating sounds.

The album echoes a time-honored tradition set by Azawi’s previous album, as it is slated for release on October 9, 2023, a date etched with significance.

As a testament to her commitment to excellence, Azawi plans an exclusive listening party that will be communicated soon.

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